Liz Niton


Liz Niton is a contributor at writing articles for "The Impact Series." She is currently at TTG Canada, an agency based in Vancouver, Canada. She works on the partnerships side on properties, such as the World Juniors Championship, Canada Sevens Tournament, and the Calgary Airport.
Liz loves being a part of the sponsorship industry since it’s always rapidly evolving. Watching from the sidelines means that you'll be late to the game! She enjoys challenging herself to always be creative and innovative while supporting and witnessing other brands' unique strategies and implementations.
Outside of work, Liz can usually be found at the beach or in the mountains hiking and skiing, trying new craft beers, and cheering on the Red Sox; while actively boo-ing the Yankees. She loves connecting and meeting new people, so if Twitter is also your favorite social media app, feel free to drop a hey, hello, and/or a pun!

Liz Niton