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Spencer Wolf

As Manager, Marketing Services at Premier Partnerships, Spencer’s primary focus in his role is to help sports, entertainment, and municipal properties maximize their commercial value by constructing innovative sponsorship and naming rights platforms. Since joining Premier in their New York City office in 2013, Spencer has worked on numerous partnership deals, including the stadium and arena naming rights agreement between TD Bank and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (TD Place) and two separate tour sponsorship agreements on behalf of Feld Entertainment, one of which being with Overstock.com (Marvel Universe LIVE!).


After graduating from The George Washington University in 2012, Spencer joined The CayRay Group as an Account Associate where he worked on the development and implementation of national media campaigns for clients K-Swiss and SONOS, while also supporting sales representation efforts for Learfield Sports, The BB&T Classic, The Washington Auto Show, Home Team Marketing, and others. Spencer has also held prior internship positions with The Madison Square Garden Company’s Media Sales department, Condé Nast’s DETAILS Magazine, Yahoo! Sports subsidiary ThePostGame.com, and start-up athlete representation firm Summit Sports Group.


1) What is your best advice for students trying to enter the sports world?


I’ll stick to the obvious: “network”. Everyone understands the general concept of networking, but there is an important differentiation between “building your network” and “building your network of relationships”. Your database of contacts is useless if it’s just filled with people that you met one time who you never attempted to further develop a relationship with. Sure, at least you have their contact information so you can follow up with them whenever you need to, but that’s the thing – your motive will become obvious to that person when you only reach out to them because you need something from them. One of my favorite quotes is from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections: “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. All things being not quite so equal, people STILL want to do business with their friends”. There’s no doubt in my mind that your 10 or so meaningful relationships that you’ve built over time will provide far more long-term value than your collection of 500+ empty LinkedIn connections.


2) Outside of your brand, who do you think is setting the standard in corporate partnerships?


From the brand perspective, there are so many great companies to choose from. The one that comes to mind most for me though is Procter & Gamble. Operating over 80 brands, P&G invests heavily in strategic partnerships that help drive their marketing efforts and exceed sales goals. P&G has developed a global sponsorship portfolio that provides its brands with access to almost all sports fans worldwide. What I admire most about P&G is their ability to develop and secure partnerships that fit within their brand strategies, and then flawlessly execute each partnership through a 360-degree approach. P&G utilizes all sorts of mediums to amplify each partnership activation: on-site, at retail, traditional media, social media, out-of-home, etc. The sponsorship model that they’ve implemented has helped P&G maintain its position as the top CPG company in the world.


3) Who is your favourite athlete of all time?


This has always been a tough question for me to answer because I’ve always found myself to root the hardest for the up-and-comer athletes and underdogs. For instance, as a New York Giants fan, prior to their Super Bowl XLII Championship, I decided to purchase an Ahmad Bradshaw jersey instead of an Eli Manning or Amani Toomer jersey – even though Bradshaw was the 3rd string running back at the time and a former 7th Round draft pick. I love watching underdogs compete and tracking young players as they try to live up to expectations and add their name into the record books. Though, if I was put on the spot, I’d have to say Mike Piazza is my favorite athlete of all time. Piazza was the star on my favorite team as I grew to love the sport of baseball and provided moments that still give me the chills today: his go-ahead home run against the Atlanta Braves in the first game at Shea Stadium after September 11th. That’s what sports are all about!

Spencer Wolf

Job:  Manager, Marketing Services

Premier Partnerships

Education: George Washington University

Age: 24 years old