New York Mets and Therabody Actively Reshaping the Sports Health and Wellness Space

The New York Mets have partnered with Therabody as an official recovery and wellness technology partner. Serving as an innovative partnership both on and off the field, the Mets aligned strategically with the wellness company in a committed effort to infuse forward-thinking methods throughout the organization.

Kellogg Adams, Mets’ Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships, illustrated how the deal is a culmination of bigger picture thinking for both sides.

“The health and wellness space has been incredibly competitive within the last few years,” said Adams. “Therabody is a market leader within that space. Particularly within the sports business landscape, they are at the helm of an incredibly exciting future.”

The shift within the health and wellness space mirrors the forward progression that the Mets are undertaking. With a transition in ownership and an increased emphasis on more performance analytics, the partnership is a natural fit that benefits both sides in the present and moving forward.

The Mets’ corporate partnerships team worked in tandem with Jim Cavallini, Mets’ Director of Performance and Sports Science, to help bring the partnership to life. With Cavallini involved throughout the entire proposal process, all departments were aligned from start to finish.

“The product was fully vetted,” said Adams. “It was great to work with Jim and the Performance staff so early on in the partnership process. Therabody’s products were sufficiently sampled and they more than exceeded Mets’ performance standards.”

Therabody products will be utilized in multiple areas. With placement in Mets’ dugouts and bullpens during games, players will be able to immerse themselves within the products in real-time. It’s also an additional marketing opportunity for Therabody as customized Therabody holders will house the company’s Theragun Pro Holders in various areas at Citi Field. The use of Therabody products isn’t confined to the Major League team, rather running from the top-down throughout the entirety of the Mets’ farm system down through the team’s Dominican Academy.

The on-field usage of products is only part of the partnership’s implementation. The Mets will immerse in additional business capacities including specific programs and behind-the-scenes footage.

“This partnership is all about going further,” said Adams. “While it is still in the works, we are aiming to integrate a health and wellness program both internally with front office staff and through ticket sales packages.”

“We are also taking steps to showcase these products across digital and social. Our team is creating a 6-part content series showcasing how players use the product. The pitchers are using the product to prepare for starts. The training staff utilizes it regularly to get players ready. Players take it upon themselves to use Theraguns during road games to stay loose. We want to capture those moments.”

The bolstering of the business side of the partnership is a result of added progression within the Mets’ front office. With a new owner, new President, and new CRO, the ethos of this partnership illustrates the organization’s greater desire to holistically shape deals moving forward.

“We have a deep internal desire to generate more meaningful partnerships,” said Adams. “Partnerships that resonate with our fanbase, our community, and our team with the ultimate goal of helping the team win a World Series. For our fanbase, we hope to build great brand affinity so that they are naturally inclined to support Therabody and buy products. For our community, this partnership helps buoy the organization from a revenue standpoint. For our team, this helps to optimize their performance on the field.”


For the Mets, this partnership is a look into the bigger picture for the organization moving forward.

“For our organization, it has been cool to see that the players have proactively reached out to see how they can be a part of the product implementation,” said Adams. “Many players were already using Therabody products before the partnership was discussed so it’s great to see them organically aligned with the brand.”

“From a business standpoint, to bring so many departments together, and see everything working out so well has been very rewarding. The health and wellness space is an emerging category that will continue to grow. You are bound to see more partnerships in this space moving forward.”


Max Simpson contributes a variety of content to The Sponsorship Space, covering areas such as experiential marketing, activation analysis, and illustrating the "why" behind interesting partnerships.