It Will Always Be Fans First: Post Mortem on the European Super League

Well, what a week it was. So will we see a documentary of the ‘behind the scenes’ of the ESL similar to Fyre Festival in the future?

All jokes aside, there are a ton of takeaways we can draw from the Super League as people did with Fyre Fest – especially from a brand standpoint! But the one major thing we can all agree, comment on and something that I constantly preach with my time at The Sponsorship Space – it is and always will be the community and fans first.

Ever since the talk of the European Super League starting, maybe it was just me but I personally didn’t hear too much on a brand standpoint. Maybe it was because brands were just confused on which direction to go, though generally sponsors reportedly with ceased talks with the major teams. However, it was cool to see things like this straight from Swiss watchmaker, TRIBUS:

It’s clear that regardless of sport or entertainment, the fans and community have to come first.

Now, it seems that brands have to find ways to reunite the fans back with their clubs. There’s a distrust feeling with ownership and fans as the latter has seen the self interest. However, I believe that there’s an opportunity to capitalize as we’ve already seen with two major brands as of late. We can all share a laugh together – I repeat, together. At a time when society needs a bit more unity, we need it.

What can we potentially see next?

In my opinion, the Super League aimed to concentrate power and wealth at the top of the game. What made Champions League so entertaining to watch was the novelty-like feel, once in a year type thing where the best play the best. When you have the best teams play each other too often, it loses that feel. But because of the proposal of concentration in ‘power’, there’s an opening for supporters to give more attention to their local and smaller teams. This is where we can see where brands genuinely stand – a more community centric approach, what makes them more human and how they’ll truly recognize that through strength comes unity.

After all, we’re all better when we are together.