INDOCHINO Teams Up with PlayersTV and Chris Paul to Produce New Shark Tank-inspired Original Series

Yup, they’re back.

INDOCHINO continues to make headlines in the world of Sport Business. Just a few weeks ago, we connected with INDOCHINO’s Vice President of Operations & Partnerships, Aly Habib, to learn more about their partnership with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. If you missed that story, you can get up to speed here.

This week, INDOCHINO announced that they will be collaborating with PlayersTV, an athlete-owned TV network and media company, to produce a new original series called Front Office. Each of the series within PlayersTV are co-produced by athletes and brand partners. It’s the first and only athlete lifestyle network with more than 50+ elite athlete-investors including Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Damian Lillard, Dwayne Wade, and many more.

Front Office will be executive produced by 11-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul and his company, Ohh Dipp!!! Productions, and will pull back the curtain on the decision-making process that professional athletes undergo when it comes to making strategic investments and expanding their business portfolio. You can think of this series as Shark Tank, but for athletes. INDOCHINO will be at centre stage in each episode of Front Office, as they will suit up the full cast and integrate their brand in an authentic way.

When reflecting on brand alignment, Aly said, “Working with PlayersTV and Chris Paul has been a perfect match for INDOCHINO. Not only did they offer unbelievable access to a lineup of legendary athletes and future business leaders, they are also unique storytellers and will help showcase our custom suiting experience while promoting our brand to millions of households.”

Entrepreneurs and fans alike will have the chance to put their creativity and business acumen on display and pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of high-profile athletes including Chris Paul, Travis Kelce, Vernon Davis, Michelle Wie, and Allyson Felix. As a result, individuals are provided with an unmatched opportunity to change their lives within a matter of minutes.

Through this initiative, INDOCHINO and PlayersTV ultimately want to highlight the importance of looking and feeling confident in the business world. After all, if you want to be taken seriously and leave an impression, you need to look the part. INDOCHINO will be outfitting numerous entrepreneurs, athletes, and their business advisors on the show, and will also be showcasing how easy it really is to build a custom suit from scratch, especially when you have the right team around you. In fact, each episode will have a segment solely dedicated to providing viewers with an inside-look into one of the brand’s showrooms, where entrepreneurs are fitted for the made-to-measure suits that they’ll wear on pitch day. INDOCHINO will also be featured in the show via multiple ad spots and on-screen tickers.

“We believe in the notion that looking and feeling your best is critical when performing at a high level. While we typically tell this story through athletes and their performance on the court or field, we now get to apply this to the boardroom where dressing to impress has been a key element for generations,” says Aly.

Sports and business have gone hand-in-hand for many years now. At the nucleus of these two worlds however, is the athlete. We’re seeing more and more professional athletes across all sports making strategic investments in firms and organizations they believe in, venturing into entrepreneurship, and building their personal brand outside of the sport they’re known for.

Some of the most prominent examples of athletes who have really excelled in the business world include LeBron James, Tom Brady, Naomi Osaka, and of course, CP3. One thing is certain - this list is now longer than it ever was before.

This partnership will allow INDOCHINO to seamlessly integrate their brand throughout Front Office, while associating themselves with some of the biggest names in sports.

There’s nothing that exudes more confidence than a professional athlete walking into the arena before an important game with a well-fitted, custom made-to-measure suit. As a result, INDOCHINO has always found value in working with athletes to tell the story of their experiential, custom product offering.

“When I’m doing business, I need to look and feel confident, and wearing a good suit is a big part of that,” says Chris Paul. “Integrating INDOCHINO into the series highlights the importance of dressing for success for everyone around the boardroom table - whether you’re a professional athlete like me or an entrepreneur ready to make your mark in the world of business.”

The five-part series will launch November 14th on PlayersTV and episodes will be released weekly through December 12th.


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