Extra Innings - Vol. 34

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NHL Jumps on New Sponsorship Opportunity

NHL teams wasted no time finding sponsors for the new helmet ad space. Four teams, the New Jersey Devils, Nashville Predators, Washington Capitals, and Montreal Canadiens, have found sponsors in the week since this new advertising space was allowed.

These new sponsorships are part of a play for the NHL to recoup losses that the league is expecting heading into the season. It is estimated that the NHL earns 50% of its revenue from fans purchasing tickets, concessions, and parking. As of this week, only four teams (the Arizona Coyotes, Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, and Tampa Bay Lightning) have announced that fans will be allowed at games in varying capacities.

The NHL hopes to earn a combined $15 million from selling ad space on helmets. Helmet ads, in conjunction with ads on the side glass and tarped seats, could help the league generate $80-$90 million for the 2020/2021 season.

Notable Information From the Sports World:

  • NHL: The NHL will restructure into four new conferences for the 2020/2021 season. Interestingly, there will be an all Canadian conference, but depending on Coronavirus restrictions in Canada, that conference could play in the United States. The top four teams from each of the divisions will make the playoffs, which will be the same as the current system.

  • NBA: The commissioner of the NBA acknowledged the possibility and benefits of an expansion for the league. In the past, leagues have used expansion as a way to generate income. The NBA could receive as much as $1 billion per new team, which would help the league deal with losses from two pandemic shortened seasons.

  • NFL: Despite the Coronavirus surging in the United States and the various games that have had to be rescheduled throughout the season, the NFL does not plan to host a mandatory playoff bubble. The league is offering voluntary bubbles for teams should players be interested in utilizing them.


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