Bringing Brands to Fans

As we’ve seen across some of the major venues and entertainment spots in North America, fans have been welcomed in reduce capacities. With more exposure than in 2020, brands now are looking to find better ways to engage with customers by amplifying the experience on an immersive standpoint. To date, we’ve seen Little Caesars Pizza attempt a living room creative with the NHL for example, but what’s next?

As I predicted in a previous article, I still feel that brands will look to redefine the retail experience whether it be in a mall or sporting venue. In case you missed it, P&G’s Old Spice launched their brick and mortar content studio and barbershop in downtown Columbus alongside a co-branded coffee from Brioso Roastery.

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Recently, Dick’s Sporting Goods has implemented a new concept that will serve as a “test and learn space” called the House of Sport. We’re talking a rock-climbing wall, golf hitting bays and putting greens – oh, and batting cages? Brands will want to take note on how their products can be used by the customer in live time and in a situation where they will actually be used.

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How will the digital side fare as we transition back to in-person? Will we see a hybrid of some sort?

Case Study A: Tampax & Esports

It seems that P&G will continue to have the digital side covered. As long as there’s esports, we’ll always have a digital activation especially with high interest from women in the space.

As beautifully stated by Businesswire, “periods should never hold anyone back in anything they do”. This past Friday, Tampax hosted the first-ever Tampax Gaming Fest to help educate and empower gamers with periods to feel more confident as they pursue esports and break down gender (and period) stigmas. The virtual event featured top gamers and personalities such as Katherine Gunn (KatGunn/MysticGunn), Rumay Wang (itsHafu), Erin Ashley Simon and Kristen Michaela (KittyPlays) to discuss their experiences as women in the gaming and esports, the power that women have when they learn more about themselves and how to live life without limits.

Tampax’s Goal? Help create and extend pathways for women to build deeper connections within the community and a continued commitment to eliminate period stigmas through education and conversation.

More about the event and the tournament can be found here.

Case Study B: Uber Eats x Yankee Stadium

As many venues transition away from Cash to Cashless, we’ll start to see how lineups and congested gateways may finally be a thing of the past. Enter Yankee Stadium and Uber Eats who this past Opening Day provided fans to order their food from their seats and pick it up when ready.

What other recent activations have you seen as of late?