Super Bowl Anticipation: 2017 Brands To Watch

One of the most anticipated events of the year - The Super Bowl.

As you already know, the event attracts millions of viewers around the world - this year will be no exception. With digital media and the second screen experience being as critical to life as it is, brands no longer need to spend over $5 million on producing and airing 30 second Super Bowl commercials to be associated with the event. With that being said, Super Bowl commercials are still the talk of the town and that they are going to!

We have compiled a list of NFL sponsors, advertisers and companies who are leveraging the event, that we think might be set to make a splash this year.




This year, P&G has created Super Bowl commercials for the first time for both their Febreze and Mr. Clean brands. The Febreze ad focuses in on the importance of half-time bathroom breaks while Mr. Clean went for a little bit of a different approach in an attempt to switch how people looked at Mr. Clean. In the case that you wanted more Procter & Gamble, their Tide brand will be joining the fun with a commercial with Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski. Although the Tide ad hasn't been released, you can check out the Febreze and Mr. Clean ads below.


This year, Intel released a 30-second commercial with New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady that highlights Intel's replay technology and how it can support some of the greatest athletes in their everyday life. The Intel technology is going to be on display during Fox’s broadcast as Houston's NRG Stadium will have 38 cameras installed to help show highlights from the players' point of view. What's more exciting than Brady cooking pancakes in 360 degree replay technology? Intel is betting there's not much. The commercial was released a few weeks ago, so Intel's investment in the New England star seemed to pay off as the Patriots made the big game.


The leader in website design is back at it with their third Super Bowl commercial. This time, they have signed on board Fast & Furious stars Jason Staham and Gal Gadot to help tell the story of a small business owner and how he can still create a website despite the distraction surrounding him caused by Statham and Gadot. Watch the commercial below.


Ever since Marshawn Lynch pledged his love for Skittles, the candy brand has been inseparable from the NFL. This year, they have added Super Bowl commercials to their belt with their latest ad entitled "Romance The Rainbow".


Sometimes all it takes to attract some attention is to get Justin Timberlake to post an Instagram picture. Although the ad hasn't been released, Bai Brands has mentioned that they will be taking part in the Super Bowl with a 30 second advertisement developed by their in-house creative team. Justin Timberlake, who is the brand's "Chief Flavor Officer" will be acting as a pitchman in the commercial and hasn't been involved in a Super Bowl commercial since a Pepsi ad in 2008.


This will be the first time in 3 years that the automaker will be doing a Super Bowl ad. The focus of the commercial is going to be how the company can make the public's lives better through their technology and mobility services, according to sources who watched the commercial. The 90-second ad is expected to take place between coin-toss and kickoff - it will also match up well with the NFL pregame show which Ford sponsors on Fox sports. The biggest issue for Ford will be the amount of competition in the Super Bowl this year as Lexus, Kia, Hyundai, Honda, Buick, Audi and Mercedes Benz are all advertising during the big game.


The beer giant is going to be featuring a different advertisement each quarter of the Super Bowl this year. The brands being highlighted will be Budweiser, Busch, Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. This is the 29th year that the company has been advertising at the Super Bowl, so they are no strangers to the spotlight. Check out the below advertisement about the immigration journey of the founder of the company. With all the talk of Donald Trump's new immigration policies, I would say this one is pretty well-timed.


Mars Inc. announced earlier this year that the Snickers Super Bowl commercial will be filmed live. I repeat, this will be the first LIVE Super Bowl ad! The commercial will be featured in the 3rd quarter of the game and will star Adam Driver who played "Kylo Ren" in the latest Star Wars movie. No pressure Adam - it's not like Mars is paying well over $5 million to do this ad in one take.




Last year, Doritos literally crashed the Super Bowl. To think, the PepsiCo brand won't be back is surprising but with that being said they have some new innovation planned that looks incredible. The chips brand launched a special-edition version of its packaging with a built-in sensor that can detect trace levels of alcohol in your breath. As if that wasn't enough, the brand teamed up with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to allow the user to order a ride through the bag. Each of these special edition packages is equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology that will help order the ride when it is tapped using a smart phone.


Although Heinz isn't getting commercial time like last year, the company has decided to make an announcement that they will be providing all 42,000 US staff members a free vacation day for the day after the Super Bowl. The company has also signed a petition, to make "Smunday" or the day after the Super Bowl, a national holiday for all employees. Hopefully, for all of us, this petition gets enough signatures!