Young Achievers

Lorne Segall

Lorne is currently a Special Projects Manager for Leverage Agency in New York City, where he focuses on sponsorship activation, event marketing and logistics for Leverage’s larger clients. Lorne was a part of the inaugural class of the prestigious Manhattan Sports Business Academy in 2012 and now, is giving back to the program that launched his career by currently working as the Operations Manager for the academy. After finishing his studies at Concordia University, Lorne held several positions including Marketing Manager with Sprint Management, Account Administrator at SDI Marketing and a Sponsorship Intern with Lagardère Unlimited in NYC.


1) What is your best advice for students trying to enter the sponsorship world?


Shore up on those research skills. Not many companies are expecting you to come in as an entry-level employee knowing the ins and outs of sponsorship. Remember, there is the selling of sponsorships and then there is the activation of sponsorships, both very different jobs and skillsets. In most of my early roles, they’ve been heavily research based; find out what company “X” has previously sponsored in the sports space, find the contact info for key decision makers for company “Y”, what are the most up-to-date statistics saying about digital consumption etc. Know the industry’s key sources and study them like a bible.


2) Outside of your brand, who do you think is setting the standard in corporate partnerships?


You got to love what Canadian Tire is doing these days. Fighting off the new kid on the block in Target, Canadian Tire has all but positioned themselves as Canada’s go to spot for all sporting good needs by strategically sponsoring events, initiatives, teams and more. Somehow in the past year or so, they’ve made me want to walk in to their stores and buy something…and I don’t live in Canada anymore!


3) Who is your favourite athlete of all time?


Donovan McNabb. In his prime, he was electrifying on the field and marketable off the field. He was humble and driven even through all the criticisms and all the negatives but never gave up. Although he never won a Super Bowl, he was a winner both on and off the field. In fact, he is the single reason why I am a die-hard Eagles fan to this very day… And who can forget that Chunky Soup commercial with his mom! I think that’s what made me want to go into sports marketing in the first place!

Lorne Segall

Job:  Program Director

at Manhattan Sports Business Academy

Education: Concordia university

Age: 24 years old