Recognizing Excellence & The People Who Shape Our Industry


By recognizing and celebrating the industry’s most influential leaders, our hope is to provide a platform to inspire future sponsorship professionals and further contribute to creating a sustained community within the industry globally. In addition to honoring these individuals, we aim to share their knowledge with the next generation of aspiring marketers.

Join us on November 17th at 7pm EST to celebrate our first ever class of the Sponsorship Hall of Fame. To register for the virtual celebration and networking sessions, click here


2021 Award Celebration
No upcoming events at the moment
Selection Criteria

The Sponsorship Space leads the nomination of a shortlist of these individuals and further works with an esteemed judging committee of industry professionals to determine the finalists based off the following qualifying criteria and then a series of four ranking criteria to determine the final honorees.


Has worked within the sponsorship industry for at least fifteen (15) years.


Can be in any area of the industry (ex. COOs, Founders, Marketing Directors, Professors, etc.).


Popularity and personal financial standing are not consideration factors.

This selection criteria was followed by our four ranking criteria...

The Jury

This is the inaugural year for what will be an annual celebration and we're thrilled to have the incredible support and guidance of an established jury. Each member volunteered their time to rank each of the 20 candidates according to the criteria outlined in advance. These rankings narrowed the candidates down to 12, after which a thorough joint discussion between TSS staff and jury members brought the candidates down to 6. After exhausting all discussion, research and and analysis, the jury aligned on 4 individuals to represent The Sponsorship Hall of Fame's Inaugural Class.