An initial pool of candidates was pulled from The Sponsorship Space staff and members of the jury pool.

After internal deliberation, the initial pool was narrowed down to 20 candidates that best exemplified the established criteria. Each of the 20 candidates' nomination was backed up with thoroughly-researched career information (LinkedIn, record of volunteer activities, organizational announcements) 

Once the 20 candidates were shortlisted, members of the jury voted on each criteria category on a scale of 1-5 (5 meaning the candidate fully exemplified that criteria). Each criteria category was weighted equally.

After voting concluded, scores were averaged and candidates were ranked. The list of 20 candidates was then whittled down to 12. 

Further deliberation ensued. During a joint discussion between TSS staff and the jury members, the 12 candidates were discussed at length regarding career accomplishments, industry standing, and personal anecdotes that supported the candidate's legitimacy.

Taking the deliberation into account, the list of 12 candidates was narrowed down to the 6 finalists. 

Extensive research ensued, resulting in exhausting all possible traces of professional accomplishments, examples of mentorships, and all advancements within the industry. 

Out of 6 finalists, 4 were ultimately selected as The Sponsorship Hall of Fame's Inaugural Class!