Young Achievers

Chelsea Zahn

While attending Duquesne University's Sports Marketing program, Chelsea had the opportunity to intern with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since then, she has spent nearly a year as a Partnership Services Assistant with the Steelers and has moved up the corporate ladder to her current role as a Partnership Activation Specialist in which she helps her team manage relationships with over 35 corporate partners. Chelsea doesn't only operate on the business side of football but also passionately plays the sport. Most recently, Chelsea has won the IWFL Championships as a member of the Pittsburgh Passion women's football team. 



1) What is your best advice for students trying to enter the sponsorship world?


My advice is to purely go out and get what you want in any situation. Having this mentality has always eliminated any fear of mine to make a cold call or to schedule a coffee with an employer just to pick their brains about the sports industry. The more questions asked the better prepared you will be with any opportunity. Sponsorship is an entirely different animal in the sports industry that needs more attention and a higher level of drive to produce the best level of fulfillment and return on investment in partnership with any sales/marketing team. 



2) Outside of your brand, who do you think is setting the standard in corporate partnerships?


REPUCOM is a global market research company that provides market leading media analytics and sports media research. This valuable research tool allows us to measure, evaluate and audit television visible signage and quantifying added value for our partners in a meaningful way.


As they are already servicing over 100 different individual sports teams and events, REPUCOM is going to be a vital tool for future corporate partnerships development, research and strategy for every team who wants to prove the value of their partnership assets. 


3) Who is your favourite athlete of all time?


Rounda Rousey. Her work-ethic is something to be inspired by on a daily basis. Whether she is training for a championship match or for a role in a movie, she consistently keeps a level of intensity that remains untouchable. She proves her worth and her skills through her actions, which leads to outstanding accomplishments. This is a female athlete that I aspire to be and reflect in myself each and every day.

Chelsea Zahn

Job: Partnership Activation Specialist 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Education: Duquesne University

Age: 23 years old