Young Achievers

Brett McGrew

Brett’s career in the sports industry started as an intern for the PGA TOUR’s Accenture Match Play Championship while studying at the University of Arizona. In that role, he was able to gain valuable sales and marketing experience that he would eventually parlay into a Ticket Sales role with the LA Clippers. During his tenure as a Group Events Specialist with the Clippers, Brett became the top revenue producer in his department. After his stint in Ticket Sales, he made the jump to Sponsorship as a Corporate Partnerships Manager, the role that he’s currently in. 


The Sponsorship Space had the chance to sit down with Brett to chat about his role with the Clippers, career growth, and advice for other young professionals. 



1) Tell us about your role with the Los Angeles Clippers.

As a Corporate Partnerships Manager with the Clippers, it’s my responsibility to generate revenue by creating innovative partnerships utilizing all of the team’s marketing assets. In addition, our team is responsible for servicing our current portfolio of corporate partners to ensure that their partnership with the team delivers as much value as possible.


2) Has your goal always been to work in corporate sponsorships in professional sports? 


No, not necessarily. While I was in ticket sales, I was definitely interested in the ticket sales management path. However, since joining our sponsorship department, I can say with certainty that this is the path for me. The creativity that goes into creating a mutually beneficial partnership is very exciting and one of the many reasons why I love coming to work every day.


3) What is the toughest part of your role? 


The toughest part of my role is also the most exciting, and that is the creativity that’s needed to deliver value to today’s corporate partners. The days of transactional partnership selling are long gone, so we have to be extremely creative and innovative to create mutually beneficial partnerships that really move the needle.


4) Steve Ballmer is one of the most vibrant and passionate owners in the league. Tell us about the rest of the corporate culture of the organization.


Steve has been nothing but amazing since purchasing the team and his passion has rubbed off on the rest of the organization. His enthusiasm is incredibly contagious, which has led to our entire team being committed to making the LA Clippers a globally recognized brand that creates amazing experiences and makes a positive difference in the community. We are constantly inspired by our core values of Character, Commitment, and Community.


5) Your career has grown significantly since graduating from the University of Arizona. What do you think is the biggest contributor to this growth?


My willingness to learn has been the biggest contributor to my career growth. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by very bright people for all of my career, so I have made it a priority to be a sponge. Another contributor that has helped me along the way is being open to feedback. Those bright folks that I mentioned have a ton of experience, so being open to their feedback has allowed me to constantly hone my skill set.


6) If you could leave young professionals with a few pieces of advice, what would they be?


Aside from the obvious pieces of advice (networking, internship experience, etc.), I would advise young professionals to get better in some capacity every single day. Consistency isn’t mentioned in this context very often, but I think it’s incredibly important. Obviously, you’re not going to reinvent the wheel every day, but the key is getting better at something so that you’re always heading in the right direction. If you wake up in the morning better than you were the day before, it puts you in a position to consistently grow as a professional. I understand that this is less practical than the typical piece of advice, but I truly believe that it’s difficult to fail if you’re getting better every single day.

Brett McGrew

Corporate Partnerships Manager

Los Angeles Clippers

Education: University of Arizona

Age: 24 years old