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Andrew Arrospide

Meet Andrew Arrospide. Andrew graduated from Syracuse University’s Sport Management Program in 2013. During his senior year at Syracuse he did an internship for an entire semester with AEG in Los Angeles. After his internship, Andrew was able to land a full-time role with AEG as a Partnership Sales Analyst. Originally from the east coast, Andrew recently moved back to New York in a role as a Partnership Marketing Account Executive for Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment.


The Sponsorship Space had the chance to sit down with Andrew about his past experiences, career growth, and advice for other young professionals.


Take us through your experience since you graduated from Syracuse University.


The Sport Management program at Syracuse University lead me to a career in the sports industry. Before I was able to graduate, I needed to complete a Capstone / Internship with a sports business entity. That capstone experience is what landed me a job with AEG in Los Angeles. Living on the west coast was a new experience for me, and I cherished every moment. During my almost four years, I was fortunate enough to meet and work with incredibly talented people. Through AEG I was able to take part in, and experience many types of events including:one Stanley Cup Championship, one MLS Championship, numerous music festivals and events, including Coachella, and a few award shows, in the GRAMMYs and ESPYs. My experience in Los Angeles was able to grow my career, and bring me to Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment. I began my journey with BSE in January 2017, and currently work in the Partnership Marketing group.


Can you tell us about your favorite sponsorship campaign you worked on at AEG?


While I was at AEG, I was able to work on many unique projects and activations. One of my favorite campaigns was with EA Sports and the LA Kings. The concept was to film Kings players, playing San Jose Sharks players in NHL17, an EA Sports video game. We created premium custom content for EA that we were able to share with Kings fans & EA gamers. We were also the first team to produce this type of content, pitting two major franchises against each other in e-sports.


What do you think was the biggest contributor to your success so far?


I think the key to my personal success has been the ability to persevere, and be resilient. No one has an easy path, and sometimes it can be difficult to navigate through new or challenging experiences but as long as you focus on emphasizing the positive, and work hard, you will succeed.


Outside of your company, who do you think is setting the standard in corporate partnerships?


Red Bull. Their ability to turn themselves from a brand, to a publisher, is unique and special. Red Bull creates content that is attractive and meaningful to their target audience. Their library of content is rich, organic, and resonates with consumers. Rather than sell customers on a beverage, they’re pitching a lifestyle.


What are your favorite websites to read to stay in the loop about sponsorships and marketing?


My favorites are: Sports Business Journal / Daily, Bizjournals.com, Ad Age, Ad Week, Sports Pro Media.


What is your best advice for students or young professionals trying to enter the sponsorship world?


Do your homework and be knowledgeable about the industry. Stay current with business trends and learn about how brands are activating, investing, and creating content. Every job you interview for will test your knowledge about what’s going on in the industry. Always be prepared, and informed, as you never know who you’ll meet. Opportunities are valuable, and being able to capitalize on them could lead to your next big job.


Outside of work, what is life like for you?


I love staying active, whether that’s playing soccer, basketball, tennis, or spending time at my favorite boxing gym. On weekends, I do my best to get up early and to make sure I’m taking full advantage of a weekend free of emails and meetings. While it is important to always go above and beyond in the office, it is equally as important to make sure you are well rested and ready to tackle the week ahead. During my downtime, I also enjoy using Twitter as a means of keeping up with everything going on in the world, from local news, to sports, music, and anything culturally relevant.

Andrew Arrospide

Account Executive, Partnership Marketing

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Education: Syracuse University